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Small Groups

We utilize small groups for educational purposes. Our small groups focus on very specific content and meet for a set number of weeks needed to cover the material. There is no commitment expected beyond that set amount of time. Think of these more like Bible or Theological classes. They are open to anyone, are led by a trained leader, usually begin with a meal, and are typically kid-friendly.

You may be wondering why we don't do "typical" small groups (the ones that meet forever for a weekly Bible Study). The reason for this is twofold - firstly, Missoulians don't seem to have any trouble meeting up during the week and finding ways to connect with their friends. Secondly, small groups don't tend to facilitate the kind of vulnerability needed for people to experience real transformation. Transformative Relationships is part of our mission and we think that is more likely to happen in DNA Groups.

However, Small Groups are great places for new people to make connections that could develop organically into deeper relationships and DNA Groups. Transformation is always our deeper goal for you here at All Souls, not just learning about the Bible or Jesus, but following Him.


current groups:


“Heaven is a world of singing”

Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM - A weekly time of dinner, conversation, family, singing, Scripture, and prayer - WORSHIP!

Jesse & Tami Barnett’s
2502 South Hills Dr.
(406) 396-8969

“Sermon discussion and service”


Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM - A weekly time of dinner and discussion about the previous weeks sermon and how to apply it by loving our city.

Nick & Jill Taber’s
3322 Hollis Street
(406) 370-0648

“Teens and tweens explorers”


Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM - A weekly time of dinner and discussion geared particularly for our teens and tweens.

Jay & Ann Lowder’s
2730 Remington
(406) 370-0717

other groups as needed

All Souls 101

Designed for new people to learn more about the vision, values, mission, and some of the theological distinctives. A pre-requisite for membership. Usually occurs in the spring and/or fall (depending on demand). [7 sessions]

All Souls 201

How do Christians pray? Do Christians meditate? How do I connect and grow deeper in my faith? These are some of the questions and topics we explore in this class. [7 sessions]

Attributes of God

What is God like? What does the Bible mean that he is love? Or that He is a God of justice? What do Christians mean by omniscience or omnipresence? This theological class will focus on the attributes and character of God and why they matter. [8 sessions]

family discipleship nights

A few times a year we host an evening for parents (free babysitting!) and members who care about kids with a catered dinner and teaching aimed at equipping for the challenges of raising up the next generation of Jesus followers. We don't just want kids who stay out of trouble, but who love and follow Jesus and embrace his mission. 

Bible intensive for women

A class for women aimed at teaching them to love and delight in the Scriptures. Including how to study and read the Bible for yourself and apply it to your life. This is also a chance to discuss some of the challenges for you personally with women who understand. [4 sessions].

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